Texts From Last Night

To sum up Gogol Bordello:


Stephie: HA, were you there?!?

Dan: True or false: everyone in that room wanted to sex

Stephie: Oh, FACT.

Charlie woke me up this morning at 6:30. I was planning on going back to bed (I WAS up all night drinking and dancing with gypsies, after all) but the fog was so thick and beautiful that I had to run. I wasn’t expecting to even hit my usual distance… but I ran 5 miles in 58 minutes! I hit my longterm goal today! Go me!


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2 responses to “Texts From Last Night

  1. Anon Again

    Wow…that’s a lot good news – and only in a couple of weeks! …seems like it took no time to fix that MEWD at all … Great job.

  2. Janternet

    you are kicking ass on the running!

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