And Suddenly, It Was All Worth It

Yup. He’s the cutest ever!

He’s just as magical as that picture would lead you to believe, if not more so.

I mean, he makes movies with puppets. He sleeps in a loft that he built; it looks like a treehouse and there’s a ramp for his cat Chauncey. I told him I sleep better when I’m cold and he built a shelf for a fan. He has a TV club where we watch treasures like The Boy Who Could Fly on his roof. He writes me cute emails that start with “Hey special buddy!”

He asked me on a date the night that we broke into Webster’s film studies theater to watch our mutual favorite movie, The Room. He made me a mix tape with awesomeness like Yo La Tengo’s “Don’t Have To Be So Sad”, Donovan’s “Hi It’s Been A Long Time”, and Daniel Johnston’s “I Live For Love”. He has the best taste in music of anyone I know.

One night at the Botanical Gardens, I was whining about the lack of cheese and – miles away – he texted me with, “Wanna come over tomorrow? I’ll make nachos!” He cooks kickass breakfasts for me. I told him that I love fried alligator and you guys he gave me a giant chocolate alligator:

He volunteered to help me paint my room and I didn’t even ask. After we finished the first coat, we went outside to the backyard to eat Elicia’s pizza and watch the meteor shower. We were laying in zoysia surrounded by a packed alleyway of South City backyards and garages, drinking cheap beer and watching airplanes like old city folks. And then: shooting stars. Goo goo eyes. The talk. The works.

This is a good one. And so far, honestly I mean it, the best one. Normally I don’t write about stuff like this (I mean, how often do I have good things to say about boys??) and I try to never spill private beans. But this isn’t even half of it. This isn’t even the tip of the iceberg. Every day he does something new and amazing and I honestly can’t believe it. He acts equally amazed and fascinated by me. And whether this is real or some sort of daydream or a cruel joke that fate is playing on me, I want to remember it forever.


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9 responses to “And Suddenly, It Was All Worth It

  1. Charles

    Yay! I told you you’d make a great couple. Just be sure to invite me to the wedding.

    Are you coming to your boyfriend’s movie night Monday? The past week has granted some weird and complicated romantic developments that I need to talk with someone about, and for once it does not involve the one lady I’ve been yammering on about this whole summer.

  2. No TV Time Monday, sorry! He’s outta town. I would hang out but my dad is having an operation either on Monday or Tuesday. I will be pretty busy with family and moving but I always always have time for email or phone calls. Write to me and give me the scoop, ASAP! Hopefully I will see you soon, too. Oh, and “the wedding”? Stop it.

  3. janternet

    That alligator!!!

  4. Erin

    Painting the room? Meteor shower talk timing? The ALLIGATOR? He’s either perfect or has a graduate degree in creepster-stalking-like-Elijah-Wood-in- Eternal-Sunshine-of-the-Spotless-Mind. In any case, go you!

  5. Well, Elijah Wood only knew that stuff from digging though Joel’s crap. Justin just… actually listens? And remembers? And surprises? It’s awesome.

    But yeah, I was telling my friend Jeff a story about him over IM and Jeff interrupted me with –

    “He is going to wear your skin. And make a puppet out of it.”

    Serial killer or not, it’s so WORTH IT

  6. Courtney

    Ooh, he is cute! I’m happy for you.

  7. Tiffany

    This is soooo cute!! I’m very very very happy for you! You deserve it!

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