TV Prom 2009!

This week’s TV Time was all about school dances, so Justin went all out. Instead of the roof, we met in the Artloft Community Room. Justin decked the place out with decorations, a spiked punch bowl, Boyz II Men between shows, etc. (SOOOO much vodka in that punch bowl.)

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We watched the best dance episodes from The Wonder Years, The Adventures of Pete & Pete, Saved By The Bell, Freaks & Geeks, King of the Hill, Sister Sister and more.

His flier was of me watching Pete and Pete on a Saved By The Bell Background. Justin is sort of a sentimental pack rat like me, so I made him a paper rose boutonierre that he could save. Justin and Ron busted out some old embarrassing dance pictures for the occasion. RØB came as the guy who gets baked behind the gym and shows up wearing sunglasses.

You guys… will we still be friends when we all go to college????



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2 responses to “TV Prom 2009!

  1. The Captain

    How can I score an invite to TV Time? I live like 6 blocks from the ArtLofts, and I love Situational Comedies that come with life lessons!

  2. Well, there’s only one more on Labor Day – strictly a summer thing since this is school equipment. But you are totally welcome if you’re not busy! I’ll send ya the deets (and password) later.

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