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People I Am Proud Of

Mort Burke – He’s working with David Cross on his current tour!!! I’ve been linking to Mort’s stuff for years because when you meet or watch Mort, it’s immediately obvious that he should be famous. Plus, he’s such a nice guy. I’m psyched that he’s getting the recognition he deserves. Here are a few of my favorite Mort Moments:

Liz – She just told me that a while ago, she was at a pool party and her friend was drowning, and after they pulled him out of the water, she gave him CPR and talked his wife through the breathing stuff til the ambulance came. What. A. Rock Star.

Frank – This sassy fella is strutting his hot stuff in Time Out New York’s “Straight Men Blowout” edition. If you are a pretty single lady in NYC, then you’d best do your best to write him a letter and lock that down. Frank is about as hot, funny and sweet as it gets.

Justin – He is one year smoke free today! If you’ve never been a smoker, you have no idea how hard this is. It’s a biggie. Way to go! (Also, in case he reads this, he’s slightly hotter, funnier and sweeter than Frank.)

My Parents – For absolutely everything, but especially this last month. My dad is currently in OxycontinVille but hanging in there, and my mom is kicking astonishing amounts of ass, as always. Thank you to everyone who sent prayers and well wishes, as well as the folks who ask about him. I’m kicking around the idea of throwing a fundraiser with some bands; how does that sound?

Kevin’s Brother Dan – Engaged!! WOO!! I don’t know if Dan reads this, but Kevin has been a key feature on Shortcake since day one, so there you go. Dan and Monica are so nice and everyone is so happy for them (as far as I can tell – most people are congratulating Dan in French).

RØB – STL King RØB is going to be on Jeopardy! WHAAAT. It’s a lifelong dream for him; how awesome is that? If you’ve ever witnessed the Squids dominate a Trivia Night, then you know those other contestants are in for a world of pain. I’ll keep you posted on the air-dates.

Sara, Courtney, Ginger and Christina
– These four crafty ladies will be at Strange Folk this weekend selling all their cool art. If you stop by (and you should) keep your eyes peeled for Pretty Fun, Green Doom Industries, Serendipity and Charisma Designs. Purses, stuffed animals, quilts, invitations, jewelry and photography – my pals have got it all covered. Please give them all of your money, or at least a big fat compliment.

FUN FACT: Mort AND RØB (plus my baby-daddy Josh, with music by my favorite, Kevin Buckley) once shared the screen in the fantastic film Diary of a Coworker. Check out the trailer, if only to see the butt-ugly vest/bow-tie combo that I was forced to wear for two years.

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