… Is Stephanie!

If you were my friend from 1992 – 1999, chances are you publicly declared your crushes on my basement wall. I agree with Katy; Ezra and Dave were hot at the time. My neighborhood pal Peggy wrote “Peggy… Is Stephanie!!!” when we were little and the meaning has mystified me for decades.

I remember <3-ing Matt, then <3-ing Matt. He was technically my first kiss, but ended up kissing my b-fry Laurie AND her sister Chrissy in the same week. Honestly that kiss was so gross that we weren’t even mad; just relieved that we had friends who could share in the trauma. It was so full of spit. We called that kiss “The Temeris Tidal Wave”.



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4 responses to “… Is Stephanie!

  1. Courtney

    Ha ha, I had a crush on Ezra, too!

  2. He was so fun! And the Dave worked at Target; didn’t you work at Target? (With hot Rob Tweety? I worked in the health food store next door and we would get SO PSYCHED when Rob was collecting carts in the parking lot.) Dave Devasco (sp?).

  3. Courtney

    Oh, yeah, Dave Devasco! I didn’t work at Target but I bet it’s the same one Nick worked at, in downtown Kirkwood, right? The other hot guy was Yogi. I don’t even remember his real name, I think it was Dave, too. Yay highschool crushes and their nicknames!

  4. Hahaha, I had the hots for Yogi too. AND Mailbox. I remember seeing them freshman year and thinking, “High school is going to be AWESOME.”

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