It’s Autumn In South City

The weather is so gorgeous, the architecture is so amazing, the people are so cool, the sites are so fun and new, and so many friends are so nearby! I play this during every drive and it fits:

This is the first fall that I haven’t missed London, and it’s honestly been so fun that I barely miss smoking.

Don’t forget – Benefit for my folks November 4th at Off Broadway! I’m thinking of calling it “3 Cheers for the Weirs”. Is that cute? Someone leave a comment and tell me if it’s lame. Amazing people have been donating raffle stuff, too, so I guess I’m having a raffle. Wheee!

As it gets closer I will probably be asking you guys for advice, volunteers for door/bouncer duty, ASSISTANT CUPCAKE CHEFS, etc.

I am CAMPING this weekend; hooray! I asked Justin for the weather and he said Saturday would be, “a low of 34 with a 100 percent chance of snuggles” or something. He’s too much.

I am bummed Erin is working. This is, of course, the one year anniversary of the time we both bitched about the same camping trip in our blogs and subsequently confessed that we were reading each other’s blogs. Then when I met her, she was reading my favorite book (Welcome to the Monkey House ) and made fun of my ex without batting an eye. Instant Friend For Life.

But to reiterate for Ron, I am very excited about The Spot this year, mm’kay?

Edited to add: R.I.P. Marley the Wonderdog. I loved your stubby little legs and ability to cover me in slobber like a Jackson Pollock painting.

(I’ve been teaching myself “Linus & Lucy” on the piano. That song is my life.)



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3 responses to “It’s Autumn In South City

  1. Ann

    If you need signs or banners for this thing, talk to me. It is entirely possible that I could do some stuff for you for FREE (depending on size, quantity, etc….yeah, just talk to me).

  2. Wow, awesome! I’ll keep you posted. Janet is designing a flyer for me right now. You guys are all so amazing!

  3. Erin


    Oh and also “Three Cheers For the Weirs” is still not as good as “Taking It Up the Weir.” So good job to your friend who said that one.

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