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Take Your Parents Out To Lunch

Do it while you still can.

This is probably less for my friends who have “young” functioning parents, and more for the ones whose parents can’t drive but can still walk to the car.

Or maybe it’s just for a younger version of me.

My dad is doing okay, but there a million things that I will never be able to do with him ever again, and so many times where I could have treated him to a father/daughter date and was too busy, too angsty, or just procrastinating and assuming I could do it later.

Today is the day that all hit me, seemingly out of nowhere, and I suddenly feel like the world’s biggest asshole.

Just helping to prevent the same for you.

Also, every time you hang out with your parents, ask them something that you don’t know but would like to. What is their favorite song? Who was their first kiss? Did they ever play pranks on people? I started doing this last year when I was afraid my dad wouldn’t live through that triple bypass. And I have to say, it makes hanging out with him so much fun, even when we are in stupid hospitals or depressing nursing homes.

So there you go. Lunch. Or a beer. And 20 questions. Dewit. You will thank yourself.

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