Next To My Bed

I have weird collections on every shelf but this one is my favorite. Those aren’t necessarily my two favorite books (all my Vonneguts are in my room, for example) but I like the art. That pencil in front of the Polaroid was carved out of a branch; TSGoC bought it for me while he was living in Thailand.

I bought the matchbox in Paris, maybe a week after I saw Amélie for the first time in London. It has Le déjeuner des canotiers by Renoir on the cover. It makes me wish I still smoked. You can see a smidge of a rubberband just above the pencil; Frank Warren from Post Secret gave it to me when he did that show with Davy. It’s one of the rubberbands that hold the bundles of secrets together when he gets them in the mail.

The Polaroid is from me and Justin’s first “date date”. We went to Ann Hubbard’s show at some gallery in a swanky loft downtown; there was a cardboard kissing booth. The framed picture is Frank, Ray, Steve, Jen and I on a bridge in Venice, from our 10 days in Italy. I remember grabbing a stranger and gathering everyone frantically. It’s on film so we had no idea how it would turn out, but I had this gut feeling that if we took a picture right then and there, it would be perfect. And it was.



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3 responses to “Next To My Bed

  1. Erin

    I have those books. I especially like the cover of Chuck Klosterman IV. Also I like that on the back cover, he’s wearing the Gap/Banana Republic/J Crew/whatever outfit he describes in the book.

  2. Courtney

    Nice shelf.

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