Meet DJ Arthur Mays MacMahon Richardson Fawcett Carradine DeLuise Hughes Cronkite Kennedy McCourt Schwayze Jackson

Justin and I went to the pumpkin patch today. I had wanted to name Jason’s dog the above title, but he said, “Go to hell. Meet Bacon.” Pumpkin tribute it is.

This morning I also went to Urgent Care for a 3-day tummy ache. It’s not a tumor or a case of the babies so I’m okay. In lots of pain, but I’ll live.

Last night I was moaning about how I never have time for myself, and today was full of insane plans like ANOTHER Dad surgery and Thrill The World, but now I have to stay home and read my vampire stories.

This would be awesome except I had planned to nurse my wounds with an amazing block of Collier’s Powerful Welsh Cheddar… but I just checked my prescription and it says I’m not allowed to eat dairy. D’OH!

Today I learned about Turban Gourds – aka Super Mario Pumpkins!

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