3 Cheers For The Weirs


Benefit Concert and Raffle at Off Broadway, featuring Bill Michalski, Kevin Buckley, and The Takedown. The money raised during this event will help my mom purchase expensive equipment such as lifts, prosthetics, and a hospital bed for my dad.

As many of you know, my father has had 5 major operations in the past year, including two leg amputations and a triple bypass. He is currently in the middle of his 6th operation for bedsores and a leg that is not healing well.

He has been in hospitals and homes for 2 1/2 months. My dad would love to come home, and this equipment will make it so much easier for my 66-year-old mother take care of him. Every penny will make a world of difference.

NOTE: this is a SURPRISE for my mom, so please don’t mention it to her!

Several out-of-town friends have asked how they can donate (and wow, thank you so much!). Below is a paypal link:


Thank you again to everyone who has asked about donating!

(This was pulled word for word from the Facebook event because I am sleepy as all get out, but I’m awake enough to thank Janet from the bottom of my heart for that kickass flyer, as well as Bill, Kevin, Ryan, Warren, Danny, Ben, Josh, Steve, Justin, Ann, and everyone else who has donated money, gift certificates or their time in the past week or so. My dad thanks you, too. You’re amazing.)


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