And The Other’s Gold

Liz is coming to town in less than two weeks for our High School Reunion, and I couldn’t be happier.

I’ve known this girl for almost 20 years, and since Rachael and I aren’t friends anymore (a decision that was easier for me to make than I thought), my friendship with Liz is the longest friendship that I have. I was the Maid of Honor at her wedding and if I get married, she’ll be the Maid of Honor at mine.

Last night when I was hanging out with my dad (who has been doing more hallucinating than eating these days and it sucks), I realized that Liz is one of the only friends who can truly understand what I’m going through with him. And as my oldest friend, she’s probably the only one who has spent a lot of time with my dad as opposed to meeting him briefly.

If the past month has taught me anything, it’s that I’ve been blessed with incredible friends who want to help me just because they like me. But – and no offense to anyone – it will be such a relief to talk to someone my age who knows how much this disease has eaten away at my dad… a friend who can look at him and see the man he used to be (and know that he’s still that man on the inside).

But above all, it will just be nice to see her in general. She’s my best friend in the world and she cracks me up and she always says the exact thing you need to hear in every situation (and it’s always 100% sincere).

Sometimes God brings the perfect person into your life exactly when you need them, like someone from home when you’re so far away (Jen), someone who makes makes you laugh when you’re stuck in the woods with your ex (Erin), or someone who – in the middle of the scariest time of your life – manages to make you feel like the happiest, luckiest person on Earth (Jake Gyllenhaal. Kidding; Justin.)

But then there are the people who are somehow always with you no matter how far away they are… and when you see them, a lifetime of memories and laughter and support all come rushing back, and it doesn’t just fill a hole in your heart. It mends a heart that’s been shattered.

I told everyone at the benefit that I was afraid of crying while holding a microphone – that I did it once before at a wedding and it was embarrassing. It was Liz’s wedding (and in case you weren’t at the benefit: yes, I cried on stage in front of all my friends while holding a microphone, andIdon’twanttotalkaboutit).

Well, NOW my biggest fear is that when I see her at the airport, I’m going to hug her and cry really hard and freak everyone out. But… maybe she’ll cry, too. Or maybe we’ll just shriek and jump around. Or maybe we’ll just laugh and go to Applebee’s and share quesadillas with no tomatoes like we always do. You guys, Liz is so awesome. And man, this is exactly what I need.


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