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There’s A Beef Party and Everyone’s Invited

Well no, you weren’t invited. But yes, there was a Beef Party.

Jen and Ron received a cow’s worth of meat… literally. An actual cow was chopped up, wrapped into delicious pieces and placed into their freezer. So being the awesome friends that they are, they had a Beef Party and barbequed for all of their friends. I had a steak; Justin had steak and ribs. Yum!

This was the second time in a week that a friend cooked us meat. We are getting pretty spoiled; KEEP IT UP GUYS. Also, Justin deleloped the Stereo Viewer pictures of us at Laumeier, and we blew everyone’s brains with 3D slides. That thing is the coolest!

Today we’re taking more stereo viewer pictures at The Black Madonna Shrine. Hooray for field trips!

(I didn’t have a picture of the Beef Party or the Stereo Viewer, so I figured I would post my, Jen and Nick’s other favorite thing in the world, the alien baby from the original V. Brought to you today by DListed.)

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