The Black Madonna Shrine

Yesterday Justin and I went to the Black Madonna Shrine, a very beautiful collection of mosaics and quartz grottoes built by a monk from the Franciscan Missionary Brothers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. We didn’t even make it to the coolest part; who wants to go back with us?

This is the perfect day trip for anyone who loves nature, photography, hiking, art or religious monuments. NOTE: THIS IS EVERYONE I KNOW.

I overheard one of the monks on the phone; he said the past couple of years have been hard and low on visitors. So please go! They have picnic tables! It’s the prettiest!

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2 responses to “The Black Madonna Shrine

  1. Courtney

    This is awesome! I actually found this place by accident, my mom lives in Wildwood and I used to take scenic drives in that neck of the woods. I couldn’t believe it when I pulled up, it is awesome, and kind of spooky in a cool way.

  2. Jen

    Very interesting! I’ve got to check this out soon 🙂 For those who want further info…

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