I’m sort of in love with these brothers:

“You have a freaking boner for that freaking camera; get out of my faaaace!”

I know what you’re thinking – HOAX – but the first tantrum the kid threw is something that can’t be faked. It looks exactly like that exorcism I saw at Church Camp (you heard me):

So what’s your favorite part? I can’t decide between:

* the part where he emerges from underneath the covers magically undressed,

* the part where he walks in the closet for approximately 1 second,

* the part where he contemplates… sticking a remote up his ass?

* or, the twerpy way his brother dashes back in the room to grab the camera.

I seriously watched the entire series of Stephen Tantrums TWICE today and highly recommend them.
From what I can gather, this family is filthy rich. I appreciate the brother’s ability to capitalize on this. Man, if Stephen was my son, I would spend all my free time pissing him off. Hilarious.



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4 responses to “MOOOOOOOOM

  1. Brett

    A friend of mine showed me the Warcraft and guitar freakouts for the first time – literally – just this very afternoon. What odds. The best moments are when Gramma asks him “Where’s the phone? Didja shove THAT up your ass, too?” and Dad tells him “I’m gonna rip yer face off!”

    Cant wait for like, 5-10 yrs. from now when this spazzmatazz rape-murders some poor girl at an Applebee’s parking lot or some shit and the news refers to him as “former Internet sensatation Stephen Suchandsuch, famous for the ‘Greatest Freakout’ series.”

  2. Heather

    ~lol~ Exercism at church camp, never saw one at church camp but you knew the church i went to and i saw my fair share of them. In hindsight, isnt it amazing what the power of persuasion and whatever played apart with the holy rolling thing.

  3. Well to be honest, I thought it made church camp waaaay more fun than girl scout camp. Also there were boys. And shaving cream fights. But unfortunately, no Stephen. 😦

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Stephen is very, very sleep deprived. I never freaked out to that extent when I was a teen, but I definitely freaked out more than I should, because I was sleeping 4 hours a night. When you are that tired, you can’t process things logically and the dumbest things make you feel like your world is truly ending.

  4. Oh and this should go without saying, but I also never stuck a remote up my ass.

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