Somehow The Sidebar turned into that girl’s house where they had the kegger in Can’t Hardly Wait:

The reunion was strange but sort of wonderful. Pretty sure the shy quiet kid who sat behind me for 9 years (thanks to alphabetical order) showed up on acid. I mistakenly climbed into a giant hamster wheel with Ty and almost bit it. We smuggled Justin in for free!

The after party was insane and I lost my voice. Haven’t been in a bar that crowded since London.

Also, I know it’s tacky and lame to talk about how many people read your blog, but this month I set a new record, hits-wise and independent views-wise. Thanks gang!


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2 responses to “Reunion

  1. Jen

    IS it tacky to write about how many people read your blog? As a reader (albeit, a reader who also writes blogs–but there are a lot of us out there), I am interested in that sort of nuts and bolts information. In fact, I wish more people wrote about it. How they got to their current readership, what the process was like, and if it is freaking weird or not to have so many random people reading what are often incredibly private thoughts and feelings…

    Or, maybe I’m the only one who finds this topic intriguing. πŸ™‚

  2. I suppose I was fascinated by it for a long time… and when I break records, I still am. But I guess I’m used to it now, and when I hear other people talk about it, it feels weird. I mean, all blogs sort of work and build up readership the same way. You get the random guy in Saudi Arabia, the ex, the Google visitors, etc.

    My favorite bloggers all have an insane following, and they never, ever talk about it. You see it in the comments or maybe a stat button, but it’s not something they brag about. And to me, that makes them more attractive and admirable.

    But then again… next year I’m gonna hit half a million and you bet your ass I’m gonna get braggy.

    I don’t think other people are tacky, I guess. It just FEELS tacky when I do it.

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