I’m probably about to type something horrible, but until Justin started making mixes for me, I had never heard of the band Sparks. But wow, I love them!

They completely change their style every few years, but the songs he’s given me were released in 1982-1984. One is from an album called “Angst in my Pants”, which is perfect considering we bonded over terrible 80’s and 90’s teen television.

I wanted to show you a video of each song he’s included, but I couldn’t find a video for “Love Scenes” (Mix 1). There’s a clip from the movie Valley Girl that included “Eaten By The Monster of Love” (Mix 2), but like most movies from the 80’s, it also includes a naked girl in a shower.

This is nothing but the song, but “Popularity” (Mix 3) is pretty adorable and worth a listen. The night I first listened to this, we were in the midst of party hopping between his friends at Blackthorn and my friends at The Royale (with a few mutual friends/Squids in between). Perfect.


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