Nick From 21 Up

For the past few weeks, I’ve been watching The Up Series – Michael Apted’s documentary that revisits a group of 14 British people every 7 years. So far they’ve covered ages 7, 14, 21, 28, 35, 42 and 49. The film 56 Up will be made around 2011. Justin and I just finished 42 Up.

I can’t write about how remarkable it is without giving away what happens to these children, and that’s half of the fun. It’s astonishing to watch these people grow up right before your eyes, especially when their 7-year-old predictions are eerily correct. By the time they reach adulthood, you feel as though you know them, and when they describe how it feels to fall in love, become a parent, get divorced, change careers, move to another country, get depressd, etc., it’s like getting advice from an old friend.

My favorite film in the series is 21 Up – that’s when the most changes happen and everyone’s story is surprising. You watch these people morph from cheeky kids to awkward teens to almost-adults and the spectrum is hilarious.

My favorite person in the Up Series is Nick – a farmer’s son turned brilliant physicist. He’s the guy on the far right in the picture above. His 21 Up story is the best because he’s the sweetest kid, the most angsty teen, and unexpectedly the hottest 21 year old you’ve ever seen (and he looks and acts far more mature, so I can say this without feeling like a creep).

I was watching 21 Up next to my boyfriend and didn’t care; I was drawing hearts and writing “I love Nick Hitchon” all over my notebook by the time it was over. I was swooning like a Twilight fan. Justin got a big kick out of it. Every time they show Nick at 21 in later films, I have to “WOOOO” at the TV.

I wanted to find a clip of him at age 21 but there weren’t any. However, you HAVE to hear his voice at 21. IT’S BEYOND DREAMY.

Just listen to the first minute of this interview – mainly :49 to :59.

Don’t you want to write about him in your diary now? His voice is gorgeous! And so’s his face! Go rent 21 Up!


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3 responses to “Nick From 21 Up

  1. Janet

    this sounds so good! thanks for the recommendation, I am gonna check it out

    ahh they are all instant watch on Netflix!!

  2. They do a lot of flashbacks (as it was originally meant to be viewed 7 years apart) so it got a little repetitive. It would probably be cooler watching one a week or one a month. J & I are waiting a little bit for 49 because we watched the rest all in a row.

  3. Allison

    They are ALL on instant watch? AWESOME. I’ve been wanting to see these forever.

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