Like My Loafers? Former Gophers

Last night my family celebrated Christmas. My mom was so set on a turkey dinner. But I had to work and my mom was called in to talk to my dad’s surgeons. She wanted to take my brother. My sister-in-law had a baby to watch. My grandma is old. So…

You guys, my freakin’ boyfriend came over at 1:00 and helped my mom make a turkey dinner while I was at work. Then he fixed her TV with my brother. Then he partied with my Grandma, niece and sister-in-law til I came home.

He already passed the boyfriend test months ago… somewhere between the nachos and the puppets… so what does he get now? A boyfriend gold medal?

It was difficult to celebrate without my dad there… I got really sad when I saw his presents under the tree, and I could tell my mom was struggling at some points. But then my super fun aunt, uncle and cousin came over, along with her new family.

So what’s almost as fun as my dad? TWO NEW BABIES!!

My cousin’s baby is only 2 months and super adorable. I’m in love with Warner’s little button nose and the tough way he furrows his brow. Below: Great Grandma Charlotte in total awe:

My Grandma got me a… um… fake dalmatian fur vest? What’s white with black spots? Snow leapord? Am I wearing snow leapord? I will probably return this, but it was worth it to bust into my roommate’s room and serenade him with his favorite song:

Wasn’t “Snow Leopard” someone’s alter ego on some TV show? Maybe a reality show? Was it Anna Nicole? Should I shut the hell up?

Holy shit you guys, I have been sitting next to this window for like 30 minutes and I just realized it’s snowing super hard with like 3 inches of snow on the ground. I have to go clean off my car! In my sexy snow leopard vest!

EDITED TO ADD: Hahaha I remembered the identity of “Snow Leopard” – Sarah from The Real World Miami:

Snow Leopard was either featured on one of the blooper tapes or during a credit bed, back when MTV used those for funny clips instead of promos.

Guys can we, um, marvel at the power of the human brain and memory as opposed to my astonishing nerdiness? (Butseriouslyfolks, if anyone has a VCR and a love for The Real World seasons 1-10, I’ve got like 6 blooper tapes that are beyond awesome and you need to get drunk and watch them with me.)



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3 responses to “Like My Loafers? Former Gophers

  1. Jess

    you should have your boyfriend cloned and then sell the clones. Bitches all over the place will buy them. you could make some serious money.

    snow leopard is also the nickname of Mac OS 10.6.

  2. Courtney

    I agree with Jess. Seriously, I thought those guys existed only in Nicholas Spark’s books! You deserve it.

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