Shortcake Roll Call 4

I do this once a year and the results are always hit or miss, but it’s time for the annual Shortcake Roll Call.

If history and my stats are any indication, then officially 1% of my daily readers will answer my roll call, which is silly. But I’m having a super depressing day, so I’ll take what I can get.

SO – do you read Shortcake? Leave a comment! Don’t want to admit it? No problem – use a fake name! And to make this topical, tell me about the best Christmas present you ever got.

No picture because I’m super fat and sad and poofy-eyed today. You’re welcome.


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15 responses to “Shortcake Roll Call 4

  1. Charles

    Yeah, I reads it.

  2. Jess


    um… i’d have to say it was the microscope kit i got from my parents when i was a kid. i think i was 7 or 8. i messed around with that thing for a few years. it wasn’t one of those presents that’s really cool for awhile until you forget about it and never touch it again.

  3. Janternet

    you know it

    and probably the NES Christmas

  4. Emily

    I read your blog! Why? Because it makes me happy! And I want a trip to Paris for Xmas.

  5. The Captain

    A day late, but still here!

    Yeah, I get about a 1/10 the readers you do and 1/100 the comments. Damn this passive internet!

    Hands down the best gift ever was the Stars Wars At-At when I was 6. It was as big as me! I loved it so much I actually demanded that it be allowed to sleep next to me in bed.

  6. YEAH! I used the AT-AT as my pet dog whenever I played house. That thing was dope.

    One year my brother got a Gamorrean Guard and I inexplicably loved it so much that they had to give me one for my birthday.

  7. Ann

    I usually catch up on shortcake every couple days, which is why I am late! Love + years of usage made my Nikon FM10, which my parents got me my first year of college, the best gift ever. I’m sure there were a multitude of gifts I got more excited about at the time, though…like the original Nintendo! Man!

  8. Erin

    I didn’t see this until a day late. Sorry for causing the frowny faced guy with the cupcake. But hey, snazzy wallpaper he’s got there!

  9. Aw Miss Erin, I knew you would show up eventually. I just… 600 people read it and 6 answered and it gave me the sads. That’s not why I was crying at the grocery store though even though IT SHOULD BE

  10. Courtney

    What, oh. Here! Excellent blog, little lady. Even when you’re sad you still have a way of making others feel good or appreciate the little things in life a little bit more. My favorite Christmas present might have been a Grow-a-Frog. I’m going with that for now. Also, I watched an episode of Dollhouse and before I knew it I’d watched three!

  11. I read you!! I was just so busy I fell behind in my google reader so I’m days late! Anyways, I love your energy, your cute dogs, the way you write, the fact that you struggle with real things like insomnia or loneliness or family turmoil. I think you have a great personality and I always look forward to reading your posts.

    Hope I don’t sound like a crazy stalker, I’m not I promise.

  12. Oh it’s my Twitter friend! Hi!!!

  13. Allison

    do late “here”s count? if so, i want my car insurance to be paid for christmas.

  14. Jen

    I don’t read regularly, but when I do stop by, I very much enjoy my time here. Thank you for writing!

    Hmm…hard question. I can only say that this year my favorite present was from my little sister. It was a bar of chocolate and a thank you card for helping her with her algebra homework. It’s the little things, you know? 🙂

    Oh, and congrats on the 600 readers! How splendid 🙂 🙂 🙂

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