“Is That A Turkey Sandwich?”

I was going to do a “Best of 2009” thingy, but all I wanted to talk about was Ari Graynor in Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist. And then I realized N&N came out in 2008.

But you know what? It’s Christmas and I do what I want. So let’s talk about Ari Graynor in Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist.

People didn’t give Nick & Norah a chance because it came out during all the Juno backlash, but I thought it was incredibly sweet. (And it’s based on a book by a writer I like, yay!) Sure, it was a predictable story, but when I was a teenager I spent a lot of time running around the city with my friends, and this film captured that feeling perfectly. Nick & Norah (and this probably the saddest thing I will ever type) makes me feel young.

But while the whole movie is adorable, it’s Ari Graynor as drunk Caroline that makes the repeat viewings worth it. She plays Hilarious Sloppy Drunk to perfection, and I heard the majority of her scenes were improv. From slurring, “Waitareyoumadatme?” to locking herself in the car, everything she does reminds me of my old best friend when she partied with me, and this movie is the closest thing I have to time travel.

Today for Christmas, my grandma made turkey sandwiches for us to eat at the hospital. So as a Christmas present to you, I present the (terribly uploaded) Turkey Sandwich Scene:

Merry Christmas. Omigod… hiiiiiii…



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2 responses to ““Is That A Turkey Sandwich?”

  1. Jen

    Aw! Thanks for posting this 🙂

  2. Jess

    i loved that movie… the soundtrack is pretty awesome as well.

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