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Holy Crap, It’s 2010

Day 100 of this seems like it should be some sort of big deal and I’m feeling a lot of pressure, so I’ll just post this picture of Ron and his awesome New Years outfit:

There you go. Best post ever.

New Year’s Eve was pretty cool. Same place and people as last year. Though this year, Justin and I stopped by a cute corner bar on Arsenal to hang out with Brent and Sarah beforehand, where I was informed that the four of us are starting a Beatles Rock Band band.

Last year I was pretty broken hearted and sad and this year I was quite the opposite, so that was a fun difference. I want to say that I felt triumphant snuggling with my boyfriend in front of a dude that once broke my heart, but the truth is when you’re really in love, you stop caring about those guys altogether… they just fade into the group with everyone else. That was a nice feeling.

Everyone keeps talking about how creepy Dick Clark was, but I actually thought he looked great? I guess I’m just used to much worse.

I was tipsy enough to convince myself that I wanted a cigarette, but I couldn’t even get through half of it. That knowledge was worth the back-tracking, I think.

At midnight, we popped outside to light big sparklers and listen to all the South City guns. SOOOOO many guns. LOL?

Brent and Sarah came by later and it was fun to finally introduce them to Katie and Joe. They had a long conversation about trash pick ups or whatever homeowner neighbors talk about.

Katie’s brownies made me want to marry Katie. Someone blew a .35 on my breathalizer, which probably indicates that it was a great party.

But no matter how fun New Year’s Eve gets, it’s still sorta lame without the Jersey Boys. I need to ring in 2011 with Jersey boys, dudes! Bring your Jersey/Brooklyn/Austin girls, too!

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