There Is This Limbo …

… between a terminal illness and something you can recover from. My dad’s been there for at least two months. One day he’s dying, the next day he’s getting fitted for prosthetics. One day we’re making life support decisions and I’m signing Power of Attorney papers, the next day he’s planning on moving to Arizona. One day I’m holding his hand and crying, the next day I’m reading him a 300 page book about Abe Lincoln, with every intention of finishing it.

My mom calls me pretty much every day for updates or to ask for help, and if she doesn’t hear from me she gets worried. Most 28 year-olds don’t have to check in with their parents every day and it is starting to frustrate me a lot, even though I know that if that’s my biggest problem then I’m a lucky person. (I’ll leave out the part where my grandmother leaves 15 minute passive aggressive messages on my voicemail).

I guess what I’m trying to say is I’m having a real ass of a day and thank God Janet posted this fancy puppy date rape movie:

Apparently there is also a limbo between terrifying and totally precious, and that’s where this video lives – right between Tina Chen and a drunk Vern Troyer.


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