Pantone Drawer

One night, right when Justin and I first started dating, I was wondering out loud about what color I should paint my room.

“This might help,” he said, opening up a small drawer in front of his work bench. “It’s just this thing I made.”

Oh, just this thing he made. With numbers on the bottom of each square that match a paint jar on the shelf. That’s all.

And that’s when I realized that I may have just found someone cooler than TSGOC. Who knew that was possible?


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3 responses to “Pantone Drawer

  1. Allison

    what makes all your justin anecdotes so amusing is how unbelievably (and genuinely!) modest he is about everything. A-dow-a-ble.

  2. Erin

    One of the things I’ve seriously considered splurging on is a Pantone sample book. I looooooove those, and only maybe 60% because of the color names.

  3. Secretlystephie

    Have you ever seen the Pantone coffee mugs? Love those.

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