Let’s Talk About Lead Poisoning

Alternate Title: Let’s Passive-Aggressively Bitch About My Living Situation

My drunk roommates have been sanding paint off of cabinet doors in the basement all morning. Then they realized, hey, this house is from the 1920’s. Should we maybe test for lead?

So my question is, the lead dust is confined to a corner in the basement and I am upstairs, and I have an ionized air filter blasting in my room… so will I live you guys?

Also, I believe we ARE getting another roommate in April despite someone promising me that we weren’t. And while I will welcome the cheaper bills and rent – and know that I will be moving by the end of the year so it’s not that bad – I am still pretty pissed that I was tricked into giving up my 4-mile commute and cheap, huge apartment to live in a motherfucking clown car.

So anyway, lead poisoning. Should I move out for the week or will I live?



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4 responses to “Let’s Talk About Lead Poisoning

  1. Ann

    I’m certainly not a lead expert, but I will say that I spent a good deal of time in an old house, sandin’ it up and whatnot, not testing it for lead, and living there. I’d say that there was a good possibility, based on the age and condition of the house, that some of that paint had lead in it. This was several years ago and I still seem to be alive. I think?
    So I’d say stay there, sounds like a low-risk situation to me.

  2. Erin

    City houses are hothouses of hazardous building materials. My own building has asbestos in the basement and lead paint EVERYWHERE. As a adult, as long as you’re not licking the paint regularly or crouching over the dust pile and huffing, you’ll be fine.
    But this will not make Bacon any less brain damaged.

  3. Heather

    Remember no matter how delicious wall candy might look and taste its not good for you. Delicious delicious wall candy

  4. secretlystephie

    The irony, which I pointed out to him this morning and got yelled at, is that the cabinets were the only part of the kitchen that weren’t completely jacked up.

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