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Schuper Schweet!

AAAGGGHHH YOU GUYS I just started reading the Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 8 comic books and omigoooooooodddd they are so awesooooome. I bought issues #1-#25 (grouped into 5 paperback books) and they came yesterday and I’m already halfway done with book 4.

I’ve known about the comics for a while but had been putting them off – the idea just seemed like fan fiction to me? Like they would be lame? Plus there were all these spoiler alerts and rumors floating around that made me think this was geared directly to teen boys (Ira Glass, in this TOTALLY KICK ASS INTERVIEW, gleefully calls Joss out on the fact that in each issue, the boobs get exponentially bigger).

I don’t remember what sold me on the series exactly… I suppose I just never thought about the fact that Joss and all my favorite writers were involved. It honestly feels like I’ve reunited with a bunch of old friends – not just the characters, but this whole amazing universe full of inside jokes, phenomenal writing and hilarious throwaway material, like a reference to The Immortal (on page 3!) or Giles in a Yellow Submarine Sweater:

You guys. It is perfect. I am in heaven. A retainer-wearing, Stridex pad rockin’, level-15 dwarf faerie princess heaven.

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