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The Year Without – Update #1

I’ve actually worked out every day this month so far, assuming I find time to work out today. Hula hooping, workout DVDs, free weights, the ab roller, etc. SOUNDTRACK!:

There have been three days where I was beyond exhausted and didn’t want to work out at all… on those days I did 3 sets of pushups. (Whenever I do a workout DVD, pushups are the part that totally kills me, so while it’s a small exercise, it’s something I desperately need.) But there were also at least 8 days where I worked out for over an hour. So yes, technically I’ve worked out in some form for the last 2 weeks.

My roommate just bought an elliptical and he’s been encouraging me to use it. I think he wants some competition. And the snow has finally melted enough to where I can run on the track. I did the elliptical last night for a half hour and DAMN, I have missed serious cardio and my iPod. This will do so much good for me, mentally and physically.

I haven’t lost much weight – which sucks because I’m on a serious mission to do just that – but hopefully the harder workouts will have some effect. I don’t want to talk about my weight until I’m at least 1/4 towards my goal, but it’s there. Please don’t feed me.

As Billy Blanks would say, “Double Time!” The first half of this month was about getting myself into the mindset of working out every day. Just do something; no excuses. Now I’m ready to kick it up a notch. I have the feeling I’ll be carrying this habit into February. We’ll see.

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