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Enjoy This While It Lasts

These were always my favorite parts of the show, but apparently they aren’t included on the DVDs because of copyright issues. MAN, why have I never wasted an evening watching all these clips? There are dozens of them on YouTube. It will probably be deleted in a week or two.

Back when my parents were extra religious (and *cough* before television remotes became a necessity), I used to watch Beavis and Butthead on the lowest volume, sitting three inches away from the TV so I could (a) hear it and (b) change the channel fast enough to not get busted.

Justin and I have been watching The State lately and we started talking about MTV’s weird copyright problems… like, my favorite (shut up) Real World/Road Rules seasons will probably never make it to DVD because the soundtracks include thousands of clips and the rights would be impossible to obtain today.

Heck, if Freaks and Geeks can salvalge the majority of their soundrack for DVD release, then fucking Music Television should be able to pull it off. And you know, if Girl Talk can get away with sampling every song in existence, early-to-mid 90’s bands should just deal with their 10 second clips that play while Puck and Rachel flirt or whatever. In fact, they should be grateful! I would forget that half those bands even existed if it wasn’t for the VHS marathons I still come across at my parents house.

100 bucks says that video is deleted before I hit “publish”.


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