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No Topanga, No

If there’s one thing about “celebrity news” that bothers me (besides celebrity babies), it’s news stories about how an actress “struggled” with her weight, when in reality her problems were nothing compared to the struggle of an average woman.

I think this started with my arch-enemy Maria Menounos, who claimed that she was “practically obese” at 155 lbs. in college and could *gasp* eat four pieces of pizza at once! About a month later, I read a story where she talked about how hard it was to have a diabetic father. At the time, I was probably 160 lbs. and had a blind diabetic father, and I was like fuck you Maria Menounos. And fuck you, media. Where the hell is my Us Weekly cover?

This week, my beef is with the author of a recent People article about Danielle Fishel, who played Topenga on Boy Meets World. And I mean, I like Danielle Fishel! I think she is gorgeous!

In the article, she claims that after topping out at a ghastly 140 bs., she “struggled” with her 112 weight, and has now “accepted” her weight of 126 lbs. I rolled my eyes out of my head when I read this article because:

1. I would choke a bitch to weigh 126. And if we’re being honest, I would choke a bitch to weigh 140!

2. I know it’s catty and evil to comment on this, but I find it hard to believe that her “curvy” “real” weight is 126. (And let me stress this, I don’t think she’s fat.) Maybe I just don’t want to believe it. Because it would be too sad if she was that stressed about weighing exactly what she should weigh. Fishel is 5’1 – an inch shorter than me. I know that everyone is shaped differently and the camera adds 10 lbs., but does anyone remember that week I weighed 125? Or even the year I weighed 135? I was rocking a size 2 and 4!

3. The article barely mentions the time she weighed 89 lbs. and passed out on the set of Boy Meets World. I’m sorry, but when you consider coping with a tubby 126 lbs more of a struggle than starving yourself into unconciousness? You’re part of the problem. I want to punch whoever wrote this.

4. The part that angers me the most is when the writer claimed that Fishel, after a bikini photoshoot, “GORGED HERSELF” on a meal of “grilled cheese, french fries and a milkshake.” Yes, “gorged”. Is that really what gorged means these days? Granted it’s a crap meal with a days worth of calories, but it’s also an entree, side dish and drink. To me, gorged means more than one meal at a time, like a whole pizza or a box of Entenman’s donuts or whatever else people eat in Lifetime movies.

Sorry to rant. I’ve been on this mission to lose 40 lbs (which will place me at the exact BMI recommended for someone my height and age) and I’ve had to defend this decison around people (most of whom are at least 6 inches taller than me and will therefore always consider me “tiny”) and I really want a quesedilla from Qudoba today and I’m sad that I can’t and I’m just this hungry fat fatty with fat on the brain.

*To be fair, I should probably hate their PR reps more than anyone else. Or like, society. But it should be illegal to participate in an article like this unless you were actually obese or at a weight that would cause health problems.


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