Today, You’re The Best Around

Sorry for a list, but Justin is on his way over and we have champagne to drink! Here’s why today is the best:

1. I JUST PAID OFF AN $18,000 CAR LOAN 1 YEAR EARLY. That’s like a whole extra paycheck for me!

2. I got a new computer at work today – a computer made in this century that can actually support the Internet, as opposed to my old computer than ran on Firefox ver. 1/2.

3. I ran today! I am out of shape and totally sucked at it, but I hobbled around for an hour and have a total runner’s high.

4. Erin posted our conversation yesterday on her blog, which is something I do all the time but have never had done to me.*

5. They are playing The Room at The Tivoli in March! I’d like to think this is all because of me.

6. Pretty much best hair day ever.

7. I finally braved the Whole Foods in Brentwood to buy soy sausage, and made the most bombass breakfast for dinner ever (at least, the best under 300 calories).

Oh Today I Love You XOXOXO

*That’s what she said.

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