Daily Archives: January 25, 2010

I Remember. The Poop.

This weekend Justin introduced me to Me and You and Everyone We Know and this part (which is probably NSFW and falls into my disturbingly undisturbed category) made me laugh so hard that I couldn’t even make noise:

That kid is pretty hilarious, no matter what he’s saying. I think he won a Best Supporting Actor award for this somewhere:

Returning to Erin’s 6-Degrees obsession for a minute: the dad in that film, John Hawkes, starred in an awesome movie Buttleman, written and directed by my friend/Sludgie boss Francis Stokes. So I am three degrees from that kid. Yay!

We watched the movie through the window of a tent in the middle of his living room, which was pretty sweet even though the floor hurt our backs. I haven’t laughed til my sides hurt in a really long time. I’ve also been running for the last 3 days after a 2 month break, so my legs are killing me.

It was nice to be in incredibly bad pain for incredibly wonderful reasons.


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