Just Call Me Mr. Butterfingers

Introduced Justin to UHF last night.* My brother and I were obsessed with this movie growing up. Weird Al was my first concert and they played a lot of UHF clips between songs.

We did (and still do) the best impersonation of this guy. I firmly believe that :33 is still the funniest moment in cinematic history:

*Other movies I have introduced him to:

Sixteen Candles
Mean Girls

and coming someday…



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2 responses to “Just Call Me Mr. Butterfingers

  1. Charles

    The guy in this part of the video is Emo Phillips; most of his humor was more of the same kind of stuff. I assume he’s still doing comedy.
    I have a dream of reenacting to whole UHF movie, word for word, with unpaid voluntary actors and no sets, just found and borrowed locations. I’d want to play Mr. Fletcher.

  2. Tom

    I LOVE UHF!! I’ve bought that movie twice. My first screen name when I got on AOL was spadowski@aol.com.

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