30 Squared

Last night, I turned 29 on the 29th, so I invited a bunch of friends to Friendly’s to watch me drink 29 beers (kidding about that last part). About 20 friends could come – not bad for a snowy Saturday!

I always get a little nervous when I mix groups of friends, but my main gang (Jen, Ron, Niki, Dustin, Nick, Jessica, Katie, Joe, Fritz, Jenny, Graham and Erin), a few Squids (Justin, Olivia, Erik, D. Mike and Courtney), Vee from work and even my old prom date Ty all seemed to get along. I was really touched that so many people braved the weather to come out. It made this birthday one of my most memorable.

A lot of my friends are teachers, so I’m not going to post a bunch of (admittedly tame) bar pictures here, but last night Erin wanted to recreate the following Friendly’s picture, which our friend Mike described as, “a Mount Rushmore of women who don’t piss me off”:

Does this mean I’m Teddy Roosevelt? Love it. Also I just noticed that it says “Hoegaarden” in the background.

I don’t think Erin’s ever seen me tipsy before so she’ll tell you I was trashed, but I’m pretty proud of how drunk I didn’t get after sitting in a bar for 5 hours. I didn’t even have a hangover this morning!

Like last year, I got lots of cool presents including the world’s cutest dancing flower from Jen, cool trinkets from Katie, zines from the fab Jenny Longshot, and more. Justin gave me something I’ve been wanting for a long time:

YES! I love this thing! And man, I love giant meetups in South City! Thanks for the great birthday everyone!



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2 responses to “30 Squared

  1. Secretlystephie

    Awesomely, no. Girl, that was me tipsy!

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