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Easier With Practice

My buddy Davy’s film Easier With Practice opened yesterday. He didn’t write the screenplay, but it’s based on a great story he wrote about his real-life tour experiences. I read the story a million years ago when I first met him, but I won’t spoil it for you.

The trailer is awesome – it’s that dude from The Hurt Locker! And what’s her name from Wet Hot American Summer and Mighty Ducks! To quote Davy, Easier with Practice is “the first movie in film history to get a NC-17 rating without nudity or violence, for its graphic sexual language alone!” Huzzah!

It’ll be fun to see a fictional version of him. And this reminds me, when the hell is My Heart Is An Idiot coming out?

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So I Put My Hands Up

Charlie left this morning, and while I barely cried (shocking the hell out of my roommates and myself), I’m still bummed and I don’t want to write about it. Expect an assload of videos once this cloud lifts, though.

This is helping me smile a little bit today, but just barely:

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We Finally Saw Avatar

… and I have to say, the big speech Jake gives the Na’vi was exactly like that speech at the end of Step Up 2: The Streets where the white girl lectures a warehouse full of breakdancing people on the true meaning of “the streets”.

That being said, I will drop anything when this is happening on cable:

3 things this clip reminded me to tell you:

1. Justin’s nickname for me is “New Style”, after that part in Sixteen Candles where Long Duck Dong talks about his “new style American girlfriend”.

2. My third most googled entry is “Strep Up 2 The Streets“. I would think it’s just a typo because R is next to T on keyboards, but they are almost all from Germany. At least 10 a day. It’s weird.

3. It’s been a while since I posted a Cloud video:

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Smoke Monster Observation

Does anyone else think that when the smoke monster gets arms and beats up people, he looks like a dancing Meatwad?

I have thought this since the Mr. Eko incident (RIP).


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Though My Dreams, It’s Never Quite As It Seems

A few years ago, I wrote a valentine to Jordan Catalano and it’s one of my favorite and most-read entries ever.* I revisited it the other day to grab a picture and one part – regarding young girls just discovering MSCL – struck me:

“My biggest hope is that those girls will identify with Angela and Rayanne somehow. Maybe they will attempt to dye their hair with Kool-Aid. Maybe they will find old issues of Sassy and still think it’s awesome. Maybe they will start collecting Doc Martens. Maybe some of them will think Angela has the coolest sweater in the world, like I still do, and then maybe Macy’s will make it and then I can buy it.”

My 13-year-old pretend BFF Tavi Gevinson wrote something a couple weeks ago about how she’s been reading Girl Power and discovering the Riot Grrrl movement for the first time. And you guys! She just dyed her hair blue, is e-mail buddies with the co-author of How Sassy Changed my Life, and runs around in red and white and totally bitch Doc Martens (that she credits as a gift from “Spencer’s Mom”, who is probably in her mid-to-late 30’s and therefore probably a former actual riot grrrl).

My point? Tavi has major pull in the fashion world and actually worked on a Rodarte line for Target. Which means. Whoah. You guys. It is inevitable that she will soon discover my dream sweater and convince someone to make it:

I am so convinced this is happening! AAGGHHH! To quote my favorite decade, don’t be a buzzkill!

Last year Erin either loaned or gave me the My So-Called Life soundtrack (I will be embarrassed if it’s “loaned” because I still have it) and I think tonight I’m going to jam to some Buffalo Tom and Cranberries during my workout in celebration.

*Not to get braggy about myself… I’ll save the horn-tooting until the end of the week, when my blog reaches 400,000 hits. Or maybe I’ll wait til the summer and just go balls-out when I reach 500,000. That’s Half a Million! I am totally having a cow, man!


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Don’t Tell Him I Did This …

… though to be fair, the temporary tattoo was his idea. I still have a giant one with his name on my arm. Best Valentine’s Day Ever!

OH! A while ago I promised I would tell you the tale of my tragic 2008 Valentine’s Day, and since (hopefully) everyone involved in this story is over their feelings by now, here it is:

I went over to Pat’s house. This was a few days after our first – for lack of a better word – “date” where I introduced him to Everything Is Illuminated the film and he told me about Everything is Illuminated the book. He greeted me in the driveway with a copy of the book as a Valentine’s Day present. Jason had told me that I should “absolutely not” get Pat a present, so I wasn’t expecting anything and was extra touched.

Pat told me that he had ordered a pizza. The pizza guy shows up and it’s [name withheld], this dude who had a big crush on me a few years ago. I used to see him at Target when he worked there and he would, like, run away from me. One time right after Brian and I got back together, we went to a Halloween party and when [name withheld] saw me and Brian together, he got really upset and apparently some tragic and embarrassing stuff happened because he was really drunk. He made this huge scene in the front yard while I was out back and then ran home. I didn’t know anything about this for months. (All I knew was that he got drunk and ran home dressed as Teen Wolf and at the time I thought it was hilarious.)

So anyway, pizza guy comes to the door and it’s [name withheld] and he sees me inside and freezes. Pat was like, “Want to come inside for a second?” and [name withheld] is like, “Nah.” and runs away.

Pat shut the door, shuddered and was like, “Did you get a really weird vibe from [name withheld]?” and I told him the story and he was like, “Oh, right.”

Then, not even FIVE MINUTES LATER, Pat’s best friend – who ALSO had a crush on me a few years ago* – shows up. He walked inside and saw me and his eyes immediately narrowed. Then his phone vibrated (I will not be a dick and claim it was a fake call, even though) and he went outside for a second. When he returned, he said he had to meet someone in the city, where he just came from and then he ran away.

Pat was like, “What the hell?” and then I cleared my throat and he was like, “Oh, right.”

So anyway, a “second date” on Valentine’s Day and two of his friends who once claimed to love me and hate me for not loving them back show up within five minutes of each other. That happened. This year was much better, though being in a Breeder’s video in 2009 was pretty kick ass, too. Whatever, VD2010 wins.

*Back in 2004-2005, I was The New Girl in a group of friends with a very long history and very few newcomers, so when my out-of-state boyfriend dumped me, all the boys pounced. (All the boys, that is, except for Pat which probably explains the crush.) (Oh, and also Ron, duh.) I don’t blame the crushes on anything except my novelty, but there were seriously 5 dudes on the case. At the time, I was like “Wow Ron, your friends are so nice,” which cracks me up in hindsight.

It’s weird, I should remember that as a sad time where a boy broke my heart, but I just remember the excitement and electricity, like that first week of high school where everyone had a crush on everyone and every single interaction was charged with meaning and hormones and the such.

This goes without saying but the title of my post applies to everyone involved.


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Is It Weird That I Want To Be B-Fries With A 13-Year-Old?

Because I think Tavi Gevinson is wonderful and cooler than I’ll ever be and I want to be her best friend or little sister or something:

I’m not just saying this so I can borrow her Yokoo, but speaking of Yokoo and tiny/adorbs/coolness, have you guys become fans of A Daily Dose of Mister on Facebook yet and if not what is wrong with you?

P.S. When I was 14 I was obsessed with having gray hair (it was the only color in the mid-nineties that no one seemed to have and I thought I was brilliant for wanting it) and my mother wouldn’t let me, so I’d say 60% of my fascination with Tavi comes from that alone. 10% comes from the green room full of Ugly Dolls, though Justin has bought me 3 already so I’m halfway there.

EDITED TO ADD: I know she was going for a frosty blue and in other light, that’s what it is, but the 14 year-old in me still wanted the gray hair pictured above.


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