I’ve Got The Hunger

You guys, not eating cheese is hard. It’s like, what is the point of food?

I almost cheated today. I did. I wanted something spicy and I thought, jalepeno poppers! And then that’s all I could think about and I almost did it. Almost.

Then I thought, oooh Cajun Crab Dip! It wasn’t until I had it in my hand that I realized: cream cheese. (I ate spicy guacamole instead, if you’re wondering.)

I have the feeling I’m going to eat worse this month than any other month. I mean, I’ve been craving and eating tons of meat like hamburgers and cheeseless gyros.

It’s sort of like that episode of It’s Always Sunny where they eat “human” meat and can’t stop eating til they eat more. I’ve got the hunger. The hunger for Cheese Friends.

This month is going to make me cry, isn’t it?


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3 responses to “I’ve Got The Hunger

  1. Jen

    WHY are you doing this to yourself?! What kind of God fearing woman would give up cheese???

    When I had the misguided notion that I might be able to survive as a vegan (and non-cheese eater) I made it through that week (yes, that was all I could manage) by eating vegan “cheese products.” That was years ago, so I can only assume that the products have gotten better since that time. This is the best advice I can give you, sadly.

    Come back to the dark (cheesy) side…

  2. Allison

    Cheese was a hard one to give up for me when I went vegan…but as time passed I realized I didn’t miss it so much because I was introducing all these other amazing foods into my diet.

    Occasionally, I do get the urge, and I’ll spring for some Daiya vegan cheese (which is the best kind, it’s super gooey and stretchy, which most soy cheeses don’t have unless they have casien, which is a milk derivative). But it’s only once in while, because it’s so rich.

    oh and yay for cheese friends. always.
    Good luck with your healthy eating 😀

  3. SecretlyStephie

    Jen – it’s part of The Year Without . I have a serious cheese addiction, so I’m attempting to go a month without it as proof to myself that it’s possible. This includes soy cheese, Parmesan cheese, cheez-its, cottage cheese, Velveeta, etc.

    I even turned down a cupcake because it had cream cheese icing! I am doing this hardcore!

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