Is It Weird That I Want To Be B-Fries With A 13-Year-Old?

Because I think Tavi Gevinson is wonderful and cooler than I’ll ever be and I want to be her best friend or little sister or something:

I’m not just saying this so I can borrow her Yokoo, but speaking of Yokoo and tiny/adorbs/coolness, have you guys become fans of A Daily Dose of Mister on Facebook yet and if not what is wrong with you?

P.S. When I was 14 I was obsessed with having gray hair (it was the only color in the mid-nineties that no one seemed to have and I thought I was brilliant for wanting it) and my mother wouldn’t let me, so I’d say 60% of my fascination with Tavi comes from that alone. 10% comes from the green room full of Ugly Dolls, though Justin has bought me 3 already so I’m halfway there.

EDITED TO ADD: I know she was going for a frosty blue and in other light, that’s what it is, but the 14 year-old in me still wanted the gray hair pictured above.


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2 responses to “Is It Weird That I Want To Be B-Fries With A 13-Year-Old?

  1. Janternet

    I definitely e-stalked this girl a couple of weeks ago. I love her.

  2. secretlystephie

    Yeah I’ve been reading her since all the “backlash” started – only a couple months or so, but the way she handled it was so intelligent and mature yet still goofy and self-deprecating and she amazes me. I want her to adopt me, basically. Love.

    This post especially: anyone who was once a 13-year-old writer should beam with pride over it. Girlfriend is good:

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