Though My Dreams, It’s Never Quite As It Seems

A few years ago, I wrote a valentine to Jordan Catalano and it’s one of my favorite and most-read entries ever.* I revisited it the other day to grab a picture and one part – regarding young girls just discovering MSCL – struck me:

“My biggest hope is that those girls will identify with Angela and Rayanne somehow. Maybe they will attempt to dye their hair with Kool-Aid. Maybe they will find old issues of Sassy and still think it’s awesome. Maybe they will start collecting Doc Martens. Maybe some of them will think Angela has the coolest sweater in the world, like I still do, and then maybe Macy’s will make it and then I can buy it.”

My 13-year-old pretend BFF Tavi Gevinson wrote something a couple weeks ago about how she’s been reading Girl Power and discovering the Riot Grrrl movement for the first time. And you guys! She just dyed her hair blue, is e-mail buddies with the co-author of How Sassy Changed my Life, and runs around in red and white and totally bitch Doc Martens (that she credits as a gift from “Spencer’s Mom”, who is probably in her mid-to-late 30’s and therefore probably a former actual riot grrrl).

My point? Tavi has major pull in the fashion world and actually worked on a Rodarte line for Target. Which means. Whoah. You guys. It is inevitable that she will soon discover my dream sweater and convince someone to make it:

I am so convinced this is happening! AAGGHHH! To quote my favorite decade, don’t be a buzzkill!

Last year Erin either loaned or gave me the My So-Called Life soundtrack (I will be embarrassed if it’s “loaned” because I still have it) and I think tonight I’m going to jam to some Buffalo Tom and Cranberries during my workout in celebration.

*Not to get braggy about myself… I’ll save the horn-tooting until the end of the week, when my blog reaches 400,000 hits. Or maybe I’ll wait til the summer and just go balls-out when I reach 500,000. That’s Half a Million! I am totally having a cow, man!


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9 responses to “Though My Dreams, It’s Never Quite As It Seems

  1. Erin

    Gave. And god, last year??? Good thing Drunken Intervention Fan Club returns on Monday. It’s been forever. I think they should do interventions on people who are obsessed with quasi-celebrities. Like Tiffany. Did you SEE this?

  2. Jess

    i absolutely love it when you say “you guys!” in your posts… The people here in the “Success Center” (place to study and whatnot) must think I’m insane because I suddenly laugh to myself. Must note it is fairly quiet in here and I have a very loud laugh!

  3. Jen

    I admit, the main reason I originally became interested in your blog was your MSCL header quote*. It profoundly struck me as significant when I was a kid and I’ve often reminded myself of it over the years. In some respects, seeing that meant I had found a kindred spirit 🙂

    500,000. Good lord, that means you get about 80,000 hits PER YEAR. That is over 200 hits a day. Knowing that so many people read my blog would seriously freak me out. I’d clam up. It is interesting that you don’t…

    *that & the pencil sculpture by Jennifer Maestre, one of which, incidentally, was my MySpace background photo back in the day

  4. secretlystephie

    Well, I used to only get 3 hits a day. Currently I get about…. hahaha I just did the math and it was 666.666 OH NOOO. I get an average of 20,000 hits a month, which is why I’m assuming I’ll hit 500,000 during the summer. But honestly, it always changes and the reasons you get tons of hits one month could be a reason you get less the next. Blog traffic is based on magic, like computer science.

    ALSO I’d say at least 50 are google refers for something weird… for example, at least 10 Europeans a day will google “Strep Up To The Streets” and wind up here. Same goes for the lyrics to “Say A Little Prayer”. I usually just pretend all those hits are flukes; they certainly aren’t all real.
    (And thanks Jess! It cracks me up too!)

  5. Charles

    I’ll have you know that Computer Science is NOT magic. Magic, however, is Computer Science, you know, like when someone hacks The Matrix?

  6. Louvre

    Damn, Steph. You’re on FIRE! 😀

  7. Jen

    666 – well that explains EVERYTHING. You are clearly using your devilish powers to attract readers. Incidentally, why the fuck doesn’t anyone comment on your posts? Judging by this post, less than 1% of your readers comment. That would seriously bug the crap out of me. I already get annoyed at my 30 some readers who rarely comment publicly. I can’t imagine getting over twenty times that many hits and still no comments…

  8. secretlystephie

    Probably because I usually just write about my life. Like, who cares?

    And would I WANT 600+ people to comment on my life? That many comments – hell, even 30 comments – would cause serious trouble. There will be at least one offended person. At least one troll. One person who sticks up for you with a creepy amount of enthusiasm. An argument that has nothing to do with the post. People who just want to link to their own site. And the worst of all: politics. I don’t write about comment-worthy topics because comments are essentially a bitch.

    And honestly, to borrow an overused clam, the first rule of blog club is you don’t talk about blog club. This is more of an exercise for me than something where I just desperately want readers. It is rare that random strangers connect with a blog; I’m sure most of mine are simply from the longevity. But if I kept talking about readers… to me it just seems needy and no one wants that. My favorite bloggers simply do what they do without patting themselves on the back for it.

    A blog designed for tons of readers and comments should have a simultaneously universal and segmented focus (literature, pop culture, politics, etc), not simply your daily musings. Sure, we connect with certain blogs and follow them, but for the most part, no one cares. I don’t have time to read everyone’s blog and even if I did, I wouldn’t find the need to comment on most things.

    Though let’s be clear – I do like comments! Just not a million of them. Ever read STLtoday’s comments? Woof.

  9. Jen

    Good point. 600+ comments would be far too many to manage and on that scale you have to deal with all of the craziness that comes with comments (ie trolls *shudders*).

    I think this is why 30 readers is just the right number for me 🙂 I actually want to interact with them. They are mostly my friends and family and such and I appreciate their feedback on my life, thoughts, perceptions, etcetera. I enjoy the back and forth. I like their insights. This is probably why I sometimes resent their not commenting – I feel robbed of their perspective…

    Anywho, thanks for elucidating further. I’m clearly a little naive when it comes to running a blog!

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