The Hazards of Hipster Boyfriends

At first, when Justin started putting Magnetic Fields songs on mixes for me, I loved the Magnetic Fields.

Then we went to their show last night, and you were not allowed to go to the bar or bathroom through the whole show. Justin was like “He’s kind of picky.”

The onstage banter was sort of like the D&D table in a high school cafeteria. Stephin sounded like a less funny version of Joss Whedon. (Though he did make a lot of vampire jokes that were hilarious… coincidence?) The audience was a very eye-rolly, “let’s use big words because we’re college sophomores and smarter than you” bunch. I wanted to give wedgies and swirlies to the group that was sitting behind me.

One girl near us got tanked and committed the ultimate Magnetic Fields sin: yelling “WOOOO” repeatedly through the show – and I was sort of loving how much she annoyed everyone else. (Though at one point she burped super loud and the whole place cracked up, including the band – it was truly a great moment to be alive.)

People would yell out requests and Claudia would sigh, “We have them all pre-planned on this list, my dear.” At times, the way they treated the audience make me feel guilty, like, “Wow, I’m so sorry I inconvenienced you by coming to watch you perform.”

That night, Justin was like, “You either love Magnetic Fields or you hate Magnetic Fields.” I fell asleep hating Magnetic Fields.

Then I found out today that the set-up is because Stephin has a hyper-sensitive ear condition. But that he is still widely considered a dick? Also I forgot that he was that guy who did a lot of music for Pete & Pete?

So now I have no idea how I feel about Magnetic Fields. I’m just kind of cranky about the whole thing.

The same thing happened with Yo La Tengo: I adore all the songs Justin that gives me, but at the show they would just jam and make all this noise. I didn’t get it at all but everyone around me was crying like they were at church. I just felt sort of stupid. Plus the air conditioner was so cold and I had to cuddle with Justin, wrapped in my coat, and despite the insanely loud music I ended up sleeping through half of it.

And then cut to the ride home, where I’m explaining who Rihanna and Chris Brown are and why they broke up and why he needs to care. And trying to communicate the beauty of “She Bangs” by William Hung. And like, introducing him to Lady GaGa.

It’s such a weird dynamic sometimes. I still don’t know how to feel about Magnetic Fields.


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7 responses to “The Hazards of Hipster Boyfriends

  1. Erin

    Boooo. What a bunch of weenies. He has a hyper-sensitive hearing condition and STILL plays songs full of feedback? Riiiight. Sounds like a dick to me. I’d really wanted to go to that show, now I’m glad I didn’t. Can you even imagine the rage?
    I’m not sure how I feel about this new Simpsons intro. It sounds very hipster of ME, but the animation is too good.

  2. secretlystephie

    I was really irritated with the show until I read the Wikipedia entry about Stephin and his condition. It actually makes sense. What doesn’t make sense? He used to ban the audience from smoking, but would chainsmoke through the whole thing.

  3. Courtney

    Best time I saw an artist heckle a crowd member was when Mike Doughty was playing at the Duck Room and he suddenly stopped mid-song and yelled “Shut the fuck up!” to someone who was at the bar, talking. “Why did you pay money to sit down here when you could have sat upstairs and talked for free?!” And then he won our respect because he already had our hearts and even though it was egotistical, it was totally justified.
    And honestly, I just kinda like Magnetic Fields.

  4. secretlystephie

    I like their songs a lot – at least the ones I’ve heard – but the live show was just so different from anything I had ever experienced.

  5. Courtney

    Wait wait wait wait wait. Back up. They didn’t let you go to the bathroom!! I’m sure not even Diana Ross is that big of a diva, and you’re not supposed to look her directly in the eye. On the other hand, I bet it really did set the mood.

  6. Jess

    wow… guess I should not have gotten so drunk at that show…

  7. HLD

    I liked the waving across the room at you guys and cuddling with my own sweetheart parts, but yeah, the inconveniencing the band by paying to see them play and the “we did those songs on our 2008 tour, where we didn’t come to st louis” sort of comments were kind of crazy. Alejandro and I were super amused and giggly over the drunk hecklers too.

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