Cloud At The Oscars

Justin was in the middle of whining that we should fast-forward the break-dancing number during the Oscars (I guess my “They’re break dance fighting” joke is only funny the first 30 times) when I suddenly jumped 5 feet off the bed and shrieked, “CLOUD!”

I then had to explain my Cloud crush to Justin.

How sad is it that on the big, “The time has come” night – a major stepping stone for females – I was the most excited about the unexpected appearance of my crush? During the break dance interpretation of the musical score from “Up”?

Though, James Cameron’s face during Katheryn Bigelow’s two wins will surely go down as a great image in the history of feminism. Pouty-Face James Cameron is the new Rosie the Riveter, or at least the new Billie Jean King.

SIDENOTE: did Oprah just tell us to skip school?

I know everyone is popping a boner over D-Listed’s coverage (which was awesome, John Hughes stuff espesh). I’m personally more excited to check out what TWoP alum Joe R. live-blogged on But for me, this was the highlight of the online coverage:

No one will ever snark as well as the original TWoP gangsters. Except maybe Dave Holmes.

Edited to Add: And Rich! Duh!

Edited to Also Add: Jen said that, thanks to my blog, Ron turned to her during the Oscars and asked, “Isn’t that Cloud?”


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