A Paws For Celebration

Justin and I try to make even the most boring nights exciting, like camping in a tent in the living room, popping champagne the day I pay off my car, Oscar ballots (thank you, Hurt Locker, for that last 2 point sweep that gave me the win!), etc.

We were already planning to watch the HBO version of Grey Gardens. But then, Justin realized it was the 5 year anniversary of the day he brought Chauncey home from the Humane Society. So he decided to make it an awesome creepy cat event.

He made cat-shaped fish-in-a-blanket (catfish?):

… and cat snowballs:

Chauncey “Sassy Paws” Tolliver partied hard and freaked out on catnip:

… after he totally rejected a plate of tuna:

We watched Grey Gardens, a movie about real-life fabulous cat ladies.

… and an episode of Chauncey’s favorite show NewsRadio, where Matthew lies to James Caan about how many cats he has (“Three. Hahaha, I wish three! Two.”):

Justin also restored and hooked up this gorgeous 1962 rotary phone and we took turns calling each other. I used to have a giant yellow rotary phone in my room, and a beige one in the kitchen. This phone makes me feel like a little kid again.

It was a pretty great night. But then again, any day that starts off with a photo shoot, and this:

… is bound to go where no day has gone before.

Grey Gardens screencaps via FourFour


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2 responses to “A Paws For Celebration

  1. Erin

    Good idea. This May 5th will be the 8th anniversary of The Cat being “Rescued” from a cage of kittens by my ex-husband and then thrown into my living room. He said he picked The Cat because “it looked angry.”
    Happy Angry Anniversary, The Cat.

  2. Jess

    guh. my dad had one of those rotary phones. it was the only phone in his apartment. he refused to get a “normal” phone, let alone a cordless phone. god forbid you screw up the phone number you were calling…
    btw… my cats totally would have killed that tuna!

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