I’m, Like, Preoccupied

I do want to write about The Room, but not today (I know, I know, you treat me like a princess and then I stab you in the back…). I’ve been watching My So-Called Life in three-hour intervals for the last 18 hours and I’m thisclose to the amazing conclusion terrible cliffhanger.

I’m typing this during the boo-hoo dead angel Ricky episode. Pssh, there is no crying on vacation.

One thing I realized this time around: I always notice Tino, the dude who is never there…. but what about that other dude who always is there? Remember that dude? Jordan’s douchey friend? Shane? Ugh.

He is always showing up to tell Jordan they have to go or just popping in to embarrass him… either way, he will not stop cock-blocking Angela. At the dance, at Tino’s party, in the boiler room… it happened at least 5 times. What the hell Shane? And did you know Shane is played by Jared Leto’s brother?

(Don’t worry, this will all be over in 3 hours.)



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2 responses to “I’m, Like, Preoccupied

  1. Erin

    Jesus. Question: How many boys did I make out with that had those stupid haircuts? Answer: Too many. I should have been making out with more boys who had Matt-Damon-in-Good-Will-Hunting haircuts.

  2. Jess

    every chick who was an adolescent in the mid-late nineties is thinking the same thing…

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