The Year Without – Update #3

I can’t believe how much I like not drinking. Especially on a day like today.

I’m feeling about as rich as I did two weeks into quitting smoking. My blood pressure (which I tested on March 1) has dropped by about 10 points. I’m sleeping… weird. Not better, just weird. I’m not eating extra to make up for it, which is nice. Justin might be able to give you an observation or two, but I ain’t asking. I’ve never been a fan of getting drunk (or at least, not since college), so I’m not going though enough of a withdrawal to notice any other differences. Just… less trips to the store.

One bitchin habit I picked up at Courtney’s party is adding lemons or limes (or if I’m feeling really crazy, both) to water. Lemon-lime ice water is the kingshit!

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