Hey Teens! Let’s Talk TV!

Lost, Schmost. My favorite thing on TV right now is Annie’s drug dealer ex-boyfriend Jasper on 90210. EEEEEE! He is so creepy! I love it! If Oliver from The O.C. had been as creepy as Jasper (and they killed Mischa Barton’s character anyway), that show would probably still be on the air. But I’m glad it’s not! Because now I have creepy Jasper! Yay!

I have been on board with the new 90210 since the beginning (Rob Estes is pretty great, and I was psyched to see Lucille Bluth), but I seriously hated happy-go-lucky Annie (and subsequently, the actress who plays her). However, thanks to Jasper (and my newfound Degrassi loyalties) I have loved depressed-downward-spiral Annie.

(Okay I was exaggerating, Lost is of course the shit. I got a sweet word puzzle clue about what the Island is and yesterday I think I guessed it; I wrote down my guess and – DAMMIT I just realized we’re not having Lost Club next week so if they say it, I won’t be able to prove it to everybody and gloat. UUGGHHH whatisthepointofliving.)

I’m also obsessed with Vampire Diaries, Life Unexpected and Gossip Girl. Plus I still DVR Smallville and Supernatural for the hotness.

I don’t care what anyone says, the CW/WB/UPN has produced some of the best shows on TV (beyond the duh-awesome Buffy and Veronica Mars). I hula-hoop or ellipticise while watching all of these, so don’t assume I am a couch potato. And I mean, I watch TV to escape and be entertained, not to impress people with my intelligence or coolness. I think it’s cooler and smarter to simply appreciate things for what they are and embrace anything you like, and this includes my iPod full of Top 40 Booty Jams. Also I am on 4 hours of sleep! Fuck you guys! High five!



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2 responses to “Hey Teens! Let’s Talk TV!

  1. Courtney

    Fuck. High five back atcha! The new 90210 is the SHIT!

  2. Erin

    Your last paragraph was insane.

    I liked it.

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