Whip It Bad

I realize that lately, it seems like I’m just watching a lot of TV and nothing deep is going on. But it’s still business as usual, just full of stuff that you wouldn’t/shouldn’t read. Here’s a quick rundown so you believe me:

Dad is still up and down (literally – he’s actually been in a wheelchair recently), I’ve been doing lots of ellipticising, reading long-awaited books like Flowers in the Attic, etc. I’m in the process of exploring a new religion, converting to red wine April 1st (“for the antioxidants”, says me and Stanley), cutting out sodium, and going to cool events thrown by my cooler friends.

Justin and I finally got into our first real fight and we are 100 times better afterwards, if that was possible. We’ve been spending a lot of time at the park by my house to hang out with people from all over the world, watch sunsets, play catch with velcro mitts, and make ourselves barfy on the swing set.

There you go. Nothing I’m ready to (or maybe never will) write about, but it’s all there. I do have a life and better yet, a brain. Anyway, back to what’s important: what I’ve been watching!

Whip It (w/spoilers)

I’ve been looking forward to Whip It for a while and was surprised to discover that I didn’t like it at all. With a cast full of so many people I love and such a feminist message, I was disappointed with the results. In fact, I liked the trailer 100 times more than the film, and it covers 90% of the plot, so there you go.



I found Alia “Maëbe Fünke” Shawkat’s character to be pretty annoying and never funny. Juliette Lewis was a little too “Carolyn from Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead”, especially when she finds out Bliss’ age. I had assumed Drew Barrymore could play a hippie better than she actually did, especially when she was directing herself. That pool scene was beautifully shot, but Ellen Page just looked like she was dying. Overall, it was sort of boring? Not enough Ari Graynor!


Andrew Wilson. Kristin Wiig playing an actual human being. The fact that Bliss dumped the (ugly) musician guy when she was supposed to, and didn’t need to find a new guy by the end. “Fooood fiiiight!” Everything with the dad. The part with the dress. Ari Graynor!

Two things I Noticed:

When Bliss is fighting with her mom, she made this face and I tee-heed about it so much that I had to show you:

And if Justin and I stay together for a couple of decades, this is exactly what we will look like when our teenager yells at us:


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