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Thank You AV Club!

I loved this guy. Still do:

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Go Ask Alice

“I think that this is very dumb idea the world today is getting dumber by the minute. First why in the hell do people keep thinking that were from outer space and that this stuff that we have today came from outer space we were born on earth we live on earth and we been on earth for how long and any ways we can’t even breath out there in space so how are we from there or anything that we have….now stop and think about that … it makes you think ….and another thing stop going outer space trying to find stuff because just like the movies nosey people always be the first ones to get hurt so leave the outer space stuff alone before it all goes bad on you all and us because you’re not alone on earth so whatever you mess with up there then bring it back down here is going to make all of us suffer.”

– reader Alice Stevenson reacting to the recently-discovered astroid frost.

I think Alice should team up with the Sprinkler Water Conspiracy Lady that I once wrote about on Sludgie.

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A Thousand Things You Don’t Know, And One You Damn Well Should

I’m going to be on! A buddy of mine was looking for 1,000 Things You Don’t Know About Women, so I sent him a list of 10.

Here’s a tip I left off, that my landlord should have known: if you are going to re-tile the entire kitchen floor leaving no access to the pantry, sink, stove, refrigerator, etc., you might want to give your tenant more than A 30-SECOND WARNING to grab her food and prepare for the next two days. They may be okay with eating over-priced fatty Italian takeout every night, I am not. I guess I will only be able to eat when they are asleep.

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Fancy Gentlemen

Ate my Fiber One out of a “Grandpa” bowl this morning. So clearly I’m living the last year of my twenties to the fullest:

No one knows what my Grandpa was like when he was my age – he’s technically my stepgrandpa because he married my Grandma right after my brother was born. But in a lot of ways, Justin sort of reminds me of him. Like Justin, he was super tall and always hunched over with Friendly Giant Syndrome. He was really quiet and borderline bashful, but had a sense of humor so cheesy that it circled back around to being hilarious. They both like wearing short-sleeved button-downs and dressing dapper. And like Justin, my Grandpa could build anything with a hammer and nails, but he was also incredibly artistic and creative- he used to paint and make ceramics with my Grandma.

I’m sure if I found a picture of him when he was younger and he looked like my boyfriend, it would creep me out. But since it’s just their mannerisms and their hobbies and their sense of humor, there’s something wonderful about it.

When my brother was home over Christmas, I pointed this out to him. My brother looked over at Justin and grinned, and then he said, “That’s why I liked him the second I met him.”

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God Bless You, Mr. Harris

Whitney Harris, the last surviving prosecutor from the first Nuremberg Trial, died on Wednesday at age 97. St. Louis Public Radio has a great story about his life . Here’s my favorite part:

Leila Sadat heads the Whitney Harris World Law Institute at Washington University in St. Louis. She said Harris always emphasized the good that came out of Nuremberg.

“I never saw him become cynical,” Sadat said. “I think he had a truly undying faith in the ability of humankind to do better. And that’s not true of all his compatriots. I think that was something about Whitney.”

I rarely link back to the first 6 months of my blog because, although it served its purpose, it was terrible. But I had a brief encounter with Mr. Harris when I worked at The Scholarshop in 2004. He was so nice that I wrote about it , and I’ll remember it forever.

Our conversation only lasted 5 or 10 minutes but he was so genuine and sincere, like he truly cared about this kid who was hanging up his old clothes for charity. Since the news broke of his passing, stories like mine have been popping up everywhere. Sure, people have talked about his accomplishments, but they also marvel at the way he treated people up until the day he died. I think that’s pretty inspiring – Mr. Harris did something incredibly significant and noble in our world’s history, but he used every opportunity – even an encounter with an usher, store clerk or thrift store kid – to be a gracious person and bring more good into this world.

Rest in peace, Mr. Harris. You earned it.

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My niece is awesome:

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How To Quit Smoking!


Look what my boyfriend asked someone on Etsy to make for me:

Here is how I quit, and managed to stay… quitted during super stressful times like a car accident and my dad’s surgeries:

1. Read The Easy Way to Stop Smoking by Allen Carr. It’s short. Read each chapter twice. You get to smoke the whole time, hooray!

2. On the day you finish the book (and plan this day in advance, so you can schedule an appointment) get auricular therapy. It’s about the price of a month of smoking; think of it that way. You get to lay on a massage table and listen to Enya while someone holds a weird magnet thing to your earlobe.
3. Try to work out more than you drink.

That’s it!

I don’t have much else to say; I’m actually sort of stressed and cranky and all this smoke talk makes me want to smoke? (Not really, but I don’t want to push it. I want to eat some bullcrap, that’s for sure.)

So read my Top 20 Things I Don’t Miss About Smoking, which I wrote 3 or 4 attempts ago. (I’d like to add “Spending all my money”, “Smelling like asshole and not Sweet Pea”, “Dating losers I meet on the smoking patio” and “Headaches” to the list.)

*Except for one on my tragic Fourth of July. Andmaybeacoupleatmyhighschoolreunion.

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