Coming Together

Today I achieved a lifetime goal (not really) of peeling an orange in one gigantic piece:

Surprisingly, they don’t let you go home from work early for that stuff.


Speaking of work, check out the sweet iCakes Veronica and I made for Christina’s going away party!

When I suggested this idea to Veronica (Christina was our Mac Admin), she told me she had everything we would need, adding “You’re going to think I’m psycho when you see my baking supplies.”

I told this to Erin and she wrote back, “She really is.”

At Veronica’s house, she had everything set up and excitedly started suggesting other options: “We could put sprinkles over the apples, put sprinkles all over and carve out the apple, inject the middle with cream cheese icing…”

Me: (whispering) “I’m scared.”

Later we wandered over to her neighbor’s house, and I had my first beer in 31 days with a girl bulldog named Chopper.

The cupcakes were a big hit, which was great considering that the bar has been set high on parties for Christina.


Justin’s mom met my parents on Monday. It went really well. She told Justin, “Now I know where Stephanie gets her sweetness from.”

On Tuesday, Justin and his mom ended up meeting OZZIE SMITH at the opening of his new restaurant. (For out-of-towners, Ozzie was a Cardinals shortstop who used to do backflips on the field – a childhood highlight for every STL 80’s kid.) Agh! My grandparents used to take me to his old restaurant in Westport all the time. That’s what I deserve for ditching them for Lost, though, what an absolutely perfect episode, amiright?! (And I probably would’ve cried if I met Ozzie.)


Justin bought me a cute pink tennis racket for Easter and we went to the crowded park to play. People from at least 20 countries were wowed by how much we sucked at tennis. We were next to all the soccer players and a hot Latin guy called me “mami”. Happy Easter!


Being in love can be scary sometimes, like when your Main Buddy is sick with the flu and you don’t live with them so instead of fixing them soup and watching them nap on the couch, you sit at home and worry about the swine flu for 5 minutes or so before you catch yourself and get over it.

On St. Patty’s Day, I told him not to come over because I was worried about drunk drivers (I live very close to Dogtown, the Irish neighborhood where St. Louis gathers to binge drink every March 17). I was genuinely worried about this, but he thought it was so silly that it had to be an excuse, like I didn’t want to hang out for some reason and I made up something dumb.

I haven’t been a chronic worrier for a long time, but maybe it’s just been a long time since I had something this major to lose.


New Mates of State coming soon! And it’s ALL COVERS. Hooray!! Right now they are streaming the first track on their website. There’s really nothing better than when your favorite band puts out a new album.


This one-hour-or-less of Internet has been going okay. I have a lot of spare time. My room is spotless. I’ve been doing lots of light therapy and going for very long walks. @StopKatie inspired me to start The 30 Day Shred again, so I’m getting totally shredded. I have this new top secret game plan for getting my life together (with charts and graphs!) and so far it’s working. This probably all has something to do with the weather, but things have been overall great.


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  1. Erin

    Veronica is a pod person of the suburbs. Baking supplies, PartyLite, Tupperware. it’s insanity over there. Clean, nice-smelling, domestic bliss insanity. If we weren’t from the same crappy neighborhood, I’d disown her.

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