And Now She’s Looking For Her Downtown Man

Whoa, we had an awesome weekend! Friday night we kicked back with some red wine, candlelight, and, um, Rosemary’s Baby. All the fixins for romance.

I never realized Rosemary’s husband covers for Satan by claiming that he date-raped her all, “You were so unconscious LOL”. That was the craziest part of the movie for me. That, and the fact that pre-pregnancy Rosemary is the spitting image of my friend Katie.

Saturday we were going to go to the Twin Peaks Slumber Party but changed our minds at the last second. We decided to walk down Washington Ave. to watch the crazy prom kids and discover new places to explore, and it was such a pretty night that we ended up about a half-hour-walk away at Busch Stadium.

The Cardinals and Mets were in the midst of a 7 hour, 20 inning game. We got there at inning 18 and Justin sweet-talked the gate guy into letting us in. We sat in the bleachers in the back. All the fans (well, the ones who were left) were slap happy and hilarious. It was a pretty amazing sight to wander into.

Note the scoreboard – innings 11-19, all 0s. We got up for hot chocolate and the Mets scored, so we assumed the game was ending soon and went to go grab a rickshaw. YUP. Highly recommended if you’re hoofing it for miles downtown.

After the guy dropped us off, we ran over to the Washington Ave. Post (LOVE that place) for some beer and popcorn. I found some MalloCups and was all excited because I thought I had found my dream candy:

… but the candy looked and tasted about as old as the packaging implies. I think the Post just bought a box of them on eBay. So gross. We caught the end of the game through the window at Ozzie’s, and then we went back to the loft and watched Annie Hall.

I realized this weekend I saw my first Mia Farrow AND Woody Allen movie. Crazy. (Justin was like, “Do you know what happened between them?” which cracked me up because a couple weeks ago his mom almost told us the whole Tiger Woods story, like we hadn’t heard. She’s adorable. So is he.)

I only had 3 beers and passed out before the movie was over. He helped me climb into the treehouse and I fell asleep mumbling, “Please don’t date rape me like Rosemary’s husband.”

This morning we were going to go to Rooster for a Croque Monsieur (I had one in Paris and I’ve been dreaming of them ever since) but they only serve crêpes on Sundays so we went to their sister restaurant Bridge. It was awesome!

We had a cheese board with summer sausage, nuts and cranberries and I had an awesome grilled cheese sandwich. We ate five hours ago and I’m still full.

They have these super cool chandeliers made entirely of wood, and lots of things dangling from the ceiling by guitar strings.

Dave Bailey has the best restaurants in St. Louis. (If you ever stop by The Chocolate Bar, look for the mural on the wall – my Rosemary doppelganger pal Katie painted that with chocolate.)

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