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The Face Punch That Won Me Over

Hey guys, remember when Rob Ruz was on Motormouth?

We were probably Myspace/AIM friends for two years at this point. The face punch was what convinced me that we needed to be friends in real life, too.

Although we IMed daily for a long time, we didn’t meet for two more years until the other Rob had that awesome BBQ where we all hula hooped. Courtney, Bobbi and I drunk dialed him abut 600 times til he came over, and it was like I had known him forever. Say what you will about Myspace, but I made about 50 amazing friendships out of it, and Rob was the first.

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My Review Of The Renaissance Fair

I have never felt so flat (!!).

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Moving On Up (And Out) (And On) (And Technically, Down)

Today is the first day of my vacation. I have been counting down to this week off for a long time. A very long time:

This is how adorable my boyfriend is – because it’s the summer and I have no DVR to catch up on, he surprised me with a Happy Vacation present: Daria on DVD! If I have to explain to you why this is awesome, then I don’t know what you’re doing here.

In addition to one countdown being over, I also ended another one unexpectedly. My roommate/landlord and I have been arguing a lot lately, my attic-attached room is now sweltering instead of freezing, and I still haven’t really adjusted to living with a couple (something I was basically tricked into).

During an argument today over fixing the AC, he angrily retorted, “Well, you’re under no contract, so you’re welcome to move if you’re not happy.” He said this three times. And then I thought, you know what? I’m not happy. I haven’t been happy here for a while. And I can move.

Justin still won’t be done with his film for 157 days or so (not that I’m counting or anything), so there’s no room for my bed or clothes until at least September. But I can move all my dishes, books, and my Grandpa’s rolltop desk – basically, all the things I wouldn’t want to move three times in one year.

I had been kicking around the idea of moving back in with my parents for a while to help my mom with my dad and all of the medical bills, as well as yardwork, renovating the house, cleaning out the basement, selling his replicas, etc.

I opted against this a few months ago (I just feel like I’m nicer to my mom when I live far away?) and have felt a little guilty about it ever since. But today, all signs told me it was the right thing to do. And I mean, I’m going to have to do most of those chores any way, and where would I find the time if I didn’t live there? Plus, if I sell/fix/weed/mow enough stuff, my mom is only going to charge half the rent I’m paying now. FACE.

Plus, I love projects! I love having stuff to do! After pulling words out of thin air all day, I get such a thrill from a tangible, physical project and that sense of accomplishment when I’m done. I’m ready to attack that yard and that basement instead of worrying about it. I’m ready to work out all my aggression and stress on lifting and pulling and scrubbing instead of eating and laying around. I want endorphins AND the clear mind that comes from a clear space.

I’ve been really sad about my parents moving someday; maybe cleaning out my basement and *gasp* throwing away my stuffed animals *sob* will help me find some closure and move on.

OH! And I don’t plan on hooking up the cable in the basement WHAAAT.

I don’t plan on packing or moving much during my week off; I earned the right to do nothing (besides watch Daria) and I’m going to use it. But I was already planning to throw away/recycle/donate tons of stuff this week… now, I’ll just be more discriminating about it.

So yeah, I’ve loved living with Jason but it’s one thing to share an apartment and another to live in his house. And I was kind of forced into living with an engaged couple; it’s a really strange dynamic and I don’t recommend it for anyone, no matter how great the couple. It’s always going to feel like people are ganging up on you, no matter what they’re doing.

May was supposed to be all about being more concerned with other people. And while most days are a failure (at least in that goal of avoiding saying “I” and “Me”), perhaps I can rectify it by making a serious commitment to help my parents as much as possible for the next four months. That way, May feels like at least somewhat of a success.

However: it may be considered selfish, because I hate summer and heat and humidity with a passion and I would love nothing more than to spend the entire season breathing freon, underground.

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Hot Stuff Coming Through

WHOA DUDES I am at 450,000 hits which means I’ll hit half a million while it’s still hot and gross outside.

Speaking of hot and gross, I wish that the FBC had Winter Formals because while I love the idea of the FBC Prom and I am certain that at least 50 people I love will be at the FBC Prom, I have not gotten my resting heart rate to a point where I’m comfortable biking around and dancing while drunk in the summer tryin’ to be cute. Nuh-uh.

HOWEVER if you are attending said Bike Prom, Heather Lindsy wrote an awesome piece for FBC Prom newbies, and she went into so much detail that even I would be prepared if I went. Have a happy and safe birthday, HLD!

I’ve always known that my cousin Peat was one of the main FBC dudes, but until Graham’s party a few months ago, I didn’t know that my old pal Shaun (who I rode the bus with in middle school) was the founder! Bananas!

The new thing in my house is turning the AC to 85 degrees instead of turning it off and telling me it’s off so I can open my window because it’s 70 outside. 158 days.

The title comes from a Simpsons quote that Steve and I have said to each other about once a month for the past 8 1/2 years. Tomorrow’s his birthday. Happy birthday Steve!


Yesterday Justin called to ask if I had run into any storms on my way home.

“What? No! It’s sunny and hot and gross!”

“There are storms. Crazy ones. Please be careful.”

“UH, bullcrap. I’m at the top of 270 and I can see for miles.”

“Just wait til you turn onto 40,” he chuckled.

When I turned onto 40, I saw nonstop lightning up ahead – reaching all the way to the ground, a low dark cloud that looked like a tornado, and gradually increasing wind in the trees. Then the Emergency Broadcast System came on and started screaming at me about about hail. Then: I got to drive directly into it. Yay!

Then this happened in my neighborhood (shamelessly stolen from Christian). You can see the double rainbow in the corner. Amazing:

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You Know I Get Fly

I’ve been psyching myself up for my vacation by digging out my old Beastie Boys CDs (and in one case, a very worn and loved cassette). Best decision I’ve made in a while.

3 days til my first week-long vacation since I visited London in 2004. Next countdown: 159 days at most left til I move.

I can’t tell you all the things this music puts me in the mood for, but I can tell you that (a) I won’t be doing most of it and (b) I can’t believe I made it through adolescence without any sort of criminal record.

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Yay, Vincent

There are times when I have tons of things to write about … and times when I’m too exhausted to think because I stayed up all night boo-hooing at Lost and eating holiday-worthy amounts of locally-grown fruits and veggies and cows:

Say what you will about the Lost finale, but WHEW I’m glad we got one last “Chah-lee.” “Cleh.” out of it. I love me some Chahlee and Cleh.

I’ve watched Lost with Jen and Ron for the last 6 years and I’m going to miss it so much – not just the show, but seeing my Lost Club ever week. I love you, Lost Club! As I told Jen last night, “I’ll see you in a couple of years. In Heaven.”

So what did you guys think about the finale? (And please don’t tell me you hated how they were dead the whole time, because you’d be wrong.)

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Lost Cats

Claire Cat is my favorite thing ever:

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