You All Everybody

If you’re a Lost fan, you know that “You All Everybody” is the hit single from Chah-lie’s one-hit-wonder band, Driveshaft.

What you might not know is that the lyrics to the song are this:

“You all everybody/ actin like them stupid people/ wearing them expensive clothes,”

… which is something an audience member on The Phil Donahue Show once yelled to the people on stage. Someone on the staff caught this and found it so hilarious that it became this big inside joke in the writer’s room and they finally wrote it into the show.

Also, there was one writer who thought the name “Lapidus” was so funny that he begged for years to name a character “Lapidus” and finally they let him name Frank the pilot “Frank Lapidus.” The best question ever on the Lost podcast was when someone actually called them out on this, because “Lapidus” is such a hilarious name.

God bless Frank Lapidus, that Magnificent Bastard(™ Omar).


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