Party Down

I was on board with this show the second I saw the cast, but I don’t think I’ve ever told you that you have to watch it. So um, YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT.

If you liked The State and Veronica Mars and Freaks and Geeks and Christopher Guest movies, then everyone you love is here. To steal a line from Janet, if TV shows were like Fantasy Football, then Party Down would be my fantasy cast.

It was a bummer when Jane Lynch left and I wasn’t sure about Megan Mullally but she’s beyond hysterical. Justin and I watched 3 episodes today (over chocolate chip pancakes, haay!) and we tee-heed at almost all of her lines.

Even the weaker episodes are great because I like the cast so much – I described it to Jen as one of those nights where you just lay around with all your friends and watch TV and it’s not that exciting or eventful but you don’t care because it’s all your favorite pals.


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