Who thinks my roommates should clean the sink?

Note: I cleaned the other half. Scrubbed the days-old dried grout out of it. And I keep it clean. Religiously.

All that white stuff is grout and doesn’t just rinse off. You can’t even see the moldy sponge that’s been in there for 6 weeks. (The blue one has only been in there for 3.)

When they painted the kitchen, there was dried paint in the sink for two months until Jason’s sister came over and was like, “What the hell is wrong with you?”

I hate getting into dumb “standoffs” with roommates about things like cleaning or TP, but I cleaned one side. And I mean: give me a fucking break. He called me a bitch when I asked him to clean the paint.

I like a lot of things about living here, but I think that once my countdown to vacation is over (13 days), I’m going to start a countdown for the day I don’t have to look at this sink anymore (168 at most).


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